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Where do I live if I sell my house and haven't purchased another home?

The way we navigate this is by requesting the buyers to allow us to occupy the home after closing until we close on another home for you to purchase. Most buyers are understanding in this fast paced market.

How much should we offer to get our offer Accepted?

There are many different factors to answer this question such as Days on Market, Finance Acceptance Type, Location, and Seller Motivation. Having the right Agent to navigate these questions to give you the best information is the most important part to answering this question.

What are the requirements to get a Mortgage?

The basic requirements to attain a mortgage are at least a 580 credit score and 2 years of consistent work history. There are many loan programs for different situations.

What kind of Inspections should we order and from who?

I always recommend my clients to order inspections on their home purchase. This will give us more information on the property and allow us more room to negotiate. I give all of my clients a full list of available inspections and companies to do these inspections.

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